The success experienced by Spanish artists Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, Reeko and Exium are proof that the fittest survive the test of time, and their unexpected collaboration ‘Seleccion Natural’ will establish a new milestone in the evolution of techno. Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, Reeko and Exium embark on a new project called ‘Seleccion Natural’ that joins the ingenuity of each artist in a collection of four releases, each one from a label of one the four artists. Specifically, Warm Up, Tsunami, Mental Disorder and Nheoma respetively the labels directed by Mulero, Wunsch, Reeko and Exium will launch an EP with an original track composed by the label owner plus a remix from each of the other three artists. Although they have previously collaborated on other releases, this is the first time all four will appear together on the same EP.