The Spanish duo Exium has been working nonstop for almost ten years, both on stage and in the studio. After more than fifty releases on several labels from around the globe, this year will see the birth of their first full length album under their own label, nheoma. Roots of Time is a mature work that explores the darkest corners of the most serious and complex electronic music.

The album starts with “Thrasflow”, a precise and punchy number where the arpeggiated synths and deep drum programming mingle with drones, chords and whispering atmospheres for five intense minutes.

“Avoid the ritual” becomes more abstract and has obsessive synth lines, evolving chords and complex drum work that reminds us of the best US techno tradition.

“Front Line” starts on a moody vibe, with an IDM-like sequence that mutates into a solid techno track with a Jeff Mills aftertaste. As the minutes go on, drums continue to grow and evolve, building up to an atmosphere ideal for travelling with our mind and our feet.

“Damage inc.” is an exercise in broken beats, dubstep flavoured drum programming mixed with sweeping drones and an analogue workout, perfect for a break on a 4 to the floor mix.

“Root” acts as an obscure interlude: frequency sweeps and breathing drones over a subtle breakbeat that lies behind.

“Synchro” takes us back to academic techno: obsessive arpeggios, compact beats and aggressive stabs. Pure floor filler.

“Time” is a transitional ambience track with a cosmic flavour. The soundtrack of a space station working at night. The perfect intro.

“Alphanumeric” returns to a cold and persuasive atmosphere; raw drum structures, metallic synths, concrete percussions and floaty details.

“Roots of Time” closes this great album with raw, dark rhythms, summing up in one track the spirit of the entire album: a record that has all the ingredients that define that sound from the future we call techno.